Speaker Schedule Channel A

All times below are in UTC which is the time in the United Kingdom

You can use the following link to convert the time to your local time. http://www.timebie.com/std/index.php

12:00 PMIndrei R.“History of SA in Europe”
1:00 PMDenise O.
“Resentment and Fear the Solution”
2:00 PMHarvey E. & Rich D.“Same Sex Lust”
3:00 PMAngie H.“A Family Disease Begins with Living Amends”
4:00 PMMartin S.“Family Afterwards”
5:00 PMZofia W.“Fear”
6:00 PMNiall C.
“Sober Dating”
7:00 PMRay Y.“Serenity”
8:00 PMHarvey A.“Thanks”
9:00 PMJason C“Coming to Believe in a Loving Higher Power ”
10:00 PMCaroline A.“Making a True Connection”
11:00 PMAmjed B.“Actions of Powerlessness”
12:00 AMCarl N.“Freedom from All Forms of Lust”
1:00 AMBill S.“Do You Want Relief or Freedom?”
2:00 AMIlona B.“Sponsorship”
3:00 AMSusie B.“Step 12 in Worldwide Action: Sponsoring Women in Other Countries”
4:00 AMNeal L.“Zero Tolerance for Lust”
5:00 AMMitch A.“Step 11 God Consciousness and Will”
6:00 AMFarzad “Life Before and Living in Recovery Now”
7:00 AML.A.“Putting Everything on the Table.”
8:00 AMBirgit G.“A Change of Heart”
9:00 AMCathal M.“Slipping and Sliding”
10:00 AMKeith N.“Acceptance”
11:00 AMMichael J.“Why Working the Steps is Important”
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